In the event that after taking a little test and analyzing what you appreciate doing, you find that you have an extraordinary preference for body care and the application of medication to enhance your image, at that point you have the right applicant to study cosmetology.

History of cosmetology

Cosmetology has been around since ancient times. The current term comes from the Greek word kosmetikós, which can be converted into Spanish as ornamentation or decoration. Its causes date back to 4000 BC. C., so it can very well be said that humanity has constantly concerned itself with looking good, in a similar way to how it needs it now.

Extraordinary civilizations, eg Egypt, Greece, and Rome have allotted remnants and records that reflect the consideration of the individual picture that was given at that time on those occasions, particularly to individuals of the decision classes.

For example, the legend of Cleopatra that you will no doubt know is exceptionally acclaimed and says that she washed herself with donkey’s milk to keep her skin hydrated and clean, even in threatening places near the desert.

In the fifteenth century

Beginning in the 15th century, during the Renaissance, the assembly of beautifying agents began to take an inexorably modern turn. In this way, it is verified that one of the main laboratories of this type was carried out by the priests of Santa Maria de Novella, in Italy.

The creation of these items was clearly not limited to Europe. Also, in Asia, the Middle East and the pre-Hispanic societies of America they had these items, made with raw materials normal for all places. Towards the end of the 18th century in England this fully perceived industry appeared, to the extent that the owners of these laboratories needed to pay taxes to Parliament.

Study cosmetology

Like other different vocations, cosmetology can be concentrated face-to-face or distant, so it will be easy for you to adjust it to your daily schedule. We present six reasons why you cannot miss this opportunity.

Whether in the vis-à-vis methodology or online, the most extreme time in which they will dedicate resources to this career is four years. It is a moderately present moment if you consider the advantages it can bring you.

In the event that the instructional offer that you can access according to your place of residence does not convince you, you can examine and think about the programs that are offered remotely. In this way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your assumptions about the preparation you need to achieve.

Towards the end of your preparation, and even before it is fully completed, you really want to get to occupations identified with this area more effectively than if you were not professionalizing in the field.

As cosmetology is treated as a specialized profession, it may very well be a window to seek a preparatory career identified with cosmetology with which to cement your occupation. The preparation you get allows you, in addition to using yourself in an organization in the field, to make your own organization of assistance arrangements around here.

With a certain goal in mind, you have the opportunity to do the distance race. This will facilitate the preparation without neglecting your work and different exercises, plus you can do it from the comfort of your home or office.

Professional profile

A cosmetology expert with a degree in this space is prepared with the information, capabilities, and skills to enable you to work within your field of work. Later, they are perceived and mentioned within the advance in which we live.

Hence, you are prepared to perform the fundamental differentiating test pieces of the life systems and physiology of the body, apply various cycles or programs of care with the help and use of both methods and advances, expert administration executives and considerably more. .


In the same way, it can be essential for organizations in the restorative business, providing private advice and dealing with the association of catwalks. Different prospects are to become an instructor in organizations of excellence, to do article exhibitions or to offer their advice and advice through a blog.

In this way, in terms of all of the above, its scope of work will be wide and will go from an organization that offers types of assistance in the area of entertainment, for example, cinematographic creations, theater, dance and the media. Even tasteful medication or inn assignments, for example, the aforementioned instance of the spa.

Study plans

The subjects that make up the cosmetology study plans are those that give the disposition to this profession, and address the contents identified with the corrective elements and their application to people. Likewise, you will learn about different topics identified with life systems, physiology and dermatology.

From a general wellness point of view. Furthermore, one of the attributes of these substances is that they have an extraordinary transversality between the aforementioned regions.

  • Life systems: skin science and skin pathology.
  • Dermatology: Facial Grooming and Consideration and Reconstructive Dermatology.
  • Physiology: skin science and skin pathologies.
  • Cosmetology – Makeup, Power Machine Cosmetology, Corrective Medication, Comprehensive Kneading and Spa, Restorative Installation, and Wellness Empowerment.

This construction of the arrangement may change depending on the organization in which you choose to start your vocation, this is just a general diagram of what you may discover during your preparation.

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