Consumer Electronics Home Life in the 21st Century

Consumer Electronics Home Life in the 21st Century

Consumer electronics have taken over many aspects of our home lives in the last 40 years. It’s easy to forget that human civilisation existed for thousands of years without consumer electronics, as the products we use on a daily basis are so deep-rooted that many of us would swear we are not capable to conduct our lives without them.

Consumer The 21st Century:

Home is now supported by a vast array of technology and gadgets to entertain us and make our lives easier. This trend is only set to continue as home consumer electronics prices get more affordable and reliable.

A recent major development is the adoption of the home network. The business landscape has shown the value of having products that communicate with each other. The subsequent development of the wireless network has enabled us to cheaply and unobtrusively connect devices around the home to the point where it has changed the family dynamic.

The internet has enabled us to communicate with the outside world from the comfort of our home and now we are moving towards 100% delivery of all our services through the web.

Imagine this Consumer:

7.00 am Woken by your favourite web radio station
7.10 am You go in the bathroom, the light switches on, the shower starts (at your favourite temperature)
7.30 am You dry off and your wardrobe selects your clothes for you
7.35 am The kids are woken up by their favourite music…
7.40 am You go downstairs, the TV selects the news headlines, the kettle boils you a cup of tea and pops you out some toast.

8.00 am You decide to work from home today, you log on to your workstation and your company network appears, your system routes all phone calls, video messages, email to your desk.
9.00 am Meeting time, you log in to your meeting with the management team at head office by video streaming, you discuss ideas and share files.
12.00 am The server tells you it is time for lunch, it has ordered some indian food (based on your preference) to be delivered to your door.

This is not a futuristic vision:

This technology is available today and it really is a case of setting up a home network with the relevant automation appliances to make this a reality.

All your entertainment systems, your heating, ventilation and lighting can be easily controlled by a variety of sensors and ‘smart’ appliances.

Your cleaning Consumer

Cooking and shopping could be performed without any involvement from you and with the advent of voice recognition and artificial intelligence you could really automate every aspect of your home life.

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