Causes Several of Basement Moisture

Sometimes we do not realize this, but basement moisture can be a big problem if we do not know how to solve it and how to prevent it. Causes If we do not take care of this problem we will have to deal with some other problems like damaged foundation, damaged walls, damaged belongings and floors and mold and mildew.

All these can be a big problem: first of all because we are destroying our own house by ourselves, and second of all because we are destroying our own health – mold and mildew can cause severe respiratory problems.

In Causes to be able to find:

The right solution for diminishing the humidity, we should first try to search for the causes of our basement moisture. Only after this we will be able to find the best solutions!

Heavy rains can be a big problem because they can cause leakage. this is why, if you are living in an area where is raining all the time, you should always try to keep the windows closed in the basement and to waterproof your basement really well! Leaks in plumbing is another cause for big humidity – a broken pipe can cause big problems and should be repaired as soon as we see it because mold can appear and this is not good at all – mold and mildew can case severe respiratory problems.

Condensation is another problem:

That should be solv really fast – this usually happens because of the lack of air from the basement, or because there are sweating pipes in the basement. The problem is solv by making a proper insulation! Another problem are the clothes which are being dri inside the house! You have to admit that you have never thought that this is going to be a problem for your house!

Well, if you decide to dry your Causes in the basement:

You should think twice because this adds humidity to your basement. Leaking windows are another problem because they let water in and they also make it easy for the groundwater to enter. The best solution is to change old windows with some new ones or to repair them. And finally, one of the most important causes for basement moisture is the inadequate ventilation. If you do not have a good air circulation things are not good: keep the windows opened in order to let the air come in!

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