Capitol Police officer sues Trump as Pence aide slams GOP ‘moral disrepair

Capitol Police officer sues Trump as Pence aide slams GOP ‘moral disrepair

Donald Trump hesitated and initially refused to tweet the words “stay peaceful” when his supporters breached the US Capitol and attacked law enforcement on 6 January last year, according to a former aide.

The aide, speaking anonymously to CNN, said that the former president was “very reluctant to put out anything when [the Capitol riot] was unfolding.”

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On Thursday, President Joe Biden delivered forceful remarks recognising the anniversary of the attack – a searing address in which he condemned the former president for watching TV as his supporters breached the halls of Congress.

Capitol Police officer Trump as slams disrepair.

Mr Trump responded with a series of statements continuing to air his grievances and amplifying lies about the 2020 election while calling for the “MAGA nation” to “rise up” against the Biden administration over Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

Several Washington DC-area police officers filed lawsuits against the former president this week, alleging his rhetoric and baseless “stolen election” narrative fueled attacks that left them with lasting physical and emotional trauma.

Representative Jason Crow, a Democrat from Colorado who was present when insurrectionists tried to stop the formal certification of then-President-elect Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, says he still has faith in our nation and hopes there are lessons that can be learned from that day.

“It’s not hard for me to go to the Capitol officer. 

He told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today show. “I want to go back to that place and I do. And I do that work.

“For me, it has reaffirmed my love of this country. It’s reaffirmed that our democracy is about people. Our democracy is only as strong as the people who are willing to stand up and fight for it. And that’s why I think there’s an opportunity for us as a nation here as we reflect on this somber day. There’s actually an opportunity for us to renew and reengage with our democracy and to make this a year of democracy in action.”

Despite his sense of optimism, Mr Crow also expressed concerns about the future. “We had an opportunity to bring the temperature down” after the insurrection, he said, but too many members of the Republican party remain devoted to former President Donald Trump.

“That’s not what our country is about. That’s not what our system is designe to be about and I really hope that people take an opportunity to take a different path as we reflect on this day going forward,” he said.

A number of Democrats, alongside some constitutional scholars and pro-democracy advocates, have been exploring ways to bar Donald Trump from ever holding office again.

They’ve been looking into whether a constitutional amendment from the post-Civil War era could be used to prevent Mr Trump from returning to the White House.

Gustaf Kilander reports from Washington, DC.

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