Brief Overview on Hot and Cold Lamination

Brief Overview on Hot and Cold Lamination

Talking about laminating process will lead us to face two different types of lamination, Brief cold and hot one. Both of the processes surely have some significant differences. Unfortunately, some people who deal with lamination for their business, especially the beginners, often do not realize the differences. Therefore, this article will bring a brief overview about both of the lamination process, so you will easily notice the differences about both processes easily.

Let us talk about hot lamination process first. You have to notice that this certain process is divided into two different types, standard and special low melt lamination. Standard one is a processes used for everyday purposes. Meanwhile, in laminating materials that are sensitive to high temperature, special low melt laminating films will be perfect to be chosen.

A hot Brief laminating machine:

Offers two main advantages. The first advantage is its affordable price. Compared with the second type, a hot laminating machine comes in a cheaper price so people could easily provide it either for business or personal needs. Besides, the laminating result usually is also more resistant and strong.

However, it also has several weaknesses as well. The main weakness is that this lamination could not be used to laminate any heat-sensitive materials as well as any kinds of material that contains ink. The heat used during the process might make the material or its ink damage or melt. Besides, you also need longer time to process the materials with this laminating machine since you need heat up the machine before starting the process.

Brief Now let us compare:

It with the second type cold lamination. This is a very great option if you need to laminate anything made of delicate material. This certain process will not cause any damage even on the most delicate materials. Therefore, this certain process will be perfect to be used in laminating heat sensitive materials as well as paper documents. Besides, it also uses low temperature so the risk of injury could be easily avoided.

However, this machine will be more expensive than the first one. Besides, the risk of bubble formation during the process is also quite high. Besides, most of cold laminating machine also do not provide rolls in different sizes, and it might be a problem for people who are not used to operate it.

Now, after noticing:

The differences of both two processes of lamination, you can determine the best process that suitable to support your business or personal needs. The choice is in your hand.

You will find a lot of types of home laminating machine. That will be useful to support your personal or small business requirements well. You can buy the best product that brings its best advantages. However, you should also provide some supplies for your machine such as the laminating film. You can find a lot of choices in the market, including GBC laminating film.

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