Best Five Places to Place Ads Online

As online platforms improve their marketing features, online businesses can quickly and efficiently devise marketing strategies for their products or services. Overall, online stores reach more people to convert into customers effectively if done correctly.

If you’re particularly entirely new to online business and digital marketing, you should know the best places to place ads online. With various locations to display advertisements online, you need to do your research and plan it thoroughly to succeed.

Top Free Places to Post Ads Online

Of course, it is best if you start from places that you post ads for free. You need to ensure that your ads can be easily added to the sites, and we have put the following list together for you to get you started.

First, Go ahead and place your ads on the following sites:

Another way of posting ads promptly is through articles or guest posts. For this one, you’d need to have a description or an article about your website, product, or service. Of course, make sure you’re sharing the details about your offering on your description.

Go ahead and submit them to the following sites:

Here are 5 more of the best online platforms to place your ads for your business to help you out.

Google Places to Place

Google should not surprise you as one of the most effective and efficient online platforms to place your business ads. Most online users use Google almost every hour to search for something for their concerns. In line with this, businesses use this as an advantage to display their ads.

There are two most common ways you can place your advertisements on Google.

Google AdWords. A common paid advertisement online platform ensures your ads can be on the first page of its results page. Google will display your ads in its ads section, which is located at the top of the search engine results page.
Google My Business. This is a free platform by Google that acts more like a directory that includes your business in its listing. Commonly known as Local Pack, Google listings are located right below the ads section.

Bing Places to Place

Bing is an effective place for your ads as well. Similar to Google, Bing is a search engine and offers advertising features for businesses online.

Many users are still using Bing nowadays, and there are two primary ways to place your ads.

Bing Ads. Also known as Microsoft Advertising, Bing ads display your ads on its ads section, which is located at the top of the first page of its results page and usually on the right side.
Bing Places. Like any online local business listing, Bing Places allows you to include your business in their listing. Its primary purpose is to let people know the nearest companies available to them.


Facebook was primarily a social networking site, but is now a social media platform as well. With its flexible and easily accessible features, businesses take advantage of these features, especially for the new generation of customers.

There are two main ways you can do this on Facebook.

Business Manager. This primarily lets you manage clients or staff in your page and create ads. Using a business manager, you can either boost your post or promote your business to be visible to the public.
Ads Manager. Basically, ads manager allows you to control your ads in detail. The business manager only will enable you to publicize your ads to the general Facebook users. Meanwhile, the ads manager lets you create specific parameters for your advertisements and make a detailed analysis.

LinkedIn Places to Place

LinkedIn has more significant potential than any other advertising platform in terms of lead generation and conversion. The main reason behind this is that LinkedIn is full of business professionals. It is primarily a social networking site with people marketing with each other. This is also why most companies using LinkedIn are B2B companies.

There are two popular ways that you can use LinkedIn ads.

Sponsored Content. LinkedIn displays this content together with user-generated posts, similar to social media ads. They are also usually found on the right side of the page.
Sponsored InMail. LinkedIn allows businesses to directly message individuals with personalized messages, with the primary purpose of advertising their business.

General Websites Places to Place

You can go to reputable websites if you don’t want to spend a lot of time studying and researching common and effective ways of advertising. These websites might have ad spaces available for purchase, and you can grab the opportunity to display your ads on their website.

These websites include blog sites, journal websites, and video streaming sites. Just make sure that these sites are reputable and offer great potential in attracting customers to your website.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is a diverse system that needs thorough planning and careful analysis. It would help if you considered a lot of factors that come into your advertising efforts. It demands persistence, diligence, and patience, as well as intuitive thinking in urgent times.

Nevertheless, never make the same mistake twice and keep learning!