Anantara Vacation Club Expands its Presence Domestic Markets Collections and Sets up Financial Relief for Members

Anantara Vacation Club announced the expansion of its presence in the domestic markets with availability of new collection and set up financial relief with new initiatives to offer the assistance to its members amid the COVID-19 crisis. Anantara Vacation Club was established by Minor International (MINT) in 2010 as a Southeast Asia’s premier vacation ownership programme.

The company already has a promotion running which has reduced the number of Points required to 50% to stay at selected Club Resort properties. The company has now provided an option under which now Club Points Owners can enjoy abridged rates at new and existing Club Escape properties in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

To allow the access to new domestic properties located in Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, Anantara Vacation Club has set up a partnership with a digital travel company Travily. Anantara Vacation Club’s China Collection has more than 15 new properties across several regions for its Club Points Owners who are residing in mainland China.

Anantara Vacation Club Chief Operating Officer, Maurizio Bisicky said, “As the effects are felt around the globe, we’re reminded of the importance to maintain the ability to adapt – and to do so quickly. With many international travel restrictions still in place, we must meet the growing demand for domestic travel options to provide value to our Club Points Owners who are currently unable to travel internationally.”

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