A wish list for iOS 18: The top six improvements we hope to see on our iPhones

Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin
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A wish list for iOS 18: The top six improvements we hope to see on our iPhones.

Apple lovers, brace yourselves! Rumor has it that iOS 18 is on its way, and with it comes the promise of exciting new features and improvements for our beloved iPhones. As we eagerly await this highly anticipated update, we can’t help but brainstorm a wish list of enhancements that would take our iPhone experience to the next level.

From messaging upgrades to smarter virtual assistants, photo editing capabilities to personalized shortcuts, camera settings to better notifications – there’s no shortage of areas where iOS 18 could use some fine-tuning. So grab your cup of coffee or tea as we delve into the top six improvements we hope to see in Apple’s latest operating system upgrade. Let’s dive right in!

iOS 18: RCS in iMessage

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, has been making waves in the world of mobile messaging. This advanced technology allows for enhanced messaging features like read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality media sharing. While Android users have already enjoyed these benefits through apps like Google Messages, iOS users are still waiting for RCS to make its way to iMessage.

With iOS 18, we hope to see Apple finally embrace RCS and bring it seamlessly into iMessage. Imagine being able to see when your message has been delivered and read by your friends without relying on the unreliable “Read” receipts. Picture sending high-resolution photos and videos with ease, knowing that they will be received in all their glory by your recipients.

Integrating RCS into iMessage would not only level the playing field with other messaging platforms but also enhance our communication experience as iPhone users. We could enjoy a more interactive and feature-rich messaging environment while still benefiting from the seamless integration that Apple is known for.

So here’s hoping that iOS 18 brings us the long-awaited gift of RCS integration in iMessage! It’s time for iPhones to join the ranks of devices offering an elevated messaging experience – one that truly caters to our modern communication needs.

Siri with actual smarts

Siri, the virtual assistant on iPhones, has come a long way since its inception. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to its intelligence and capabilities. In iOS 18, we hope to see Siri with actual smarts that go beyond simple voice recognition.

We want Siri to have a deeper understanding of context. It would be great if Siri could remember previous conversations and reference them when needed. This would make interactions more seamless and personalized.

We hope for Siri to become more proactive in providing information. Imagine Siri telling you about upcoming events or suggesting useful apps based on your daily routines. With smarter suggestions and recommendations, Siri could truly become an invaluable personal assistant.

Improved integration with third-party apps is crucial. Being able to perform tasks within these apps using just voice commands would be incredibly convenient. From ordering food delivery to booking a ride-hailing service, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, Siri should be able to handle complex queries better than it does currently. Asking follow-up questions or requesting specific details shouldn’t confuse it but rather prompt accurate responses.

By enhancing the intelligence of Siri in iOS 18 through contextual understanding, proactive assistance,
seamless app integration,
and improved handling of complex queries,
we can truly unlock its potential as a smart virtual assistant that makes our lives easier and more efficient.

More editing capabilities in Photos

One area where iOS 18 could really step up its game is in the realm of photo editing capabilities. While the Photos app on iPhones already offers a decent range of editing tools, there’s always room for improvement.

First and foremost, it would be great to see more advanced adjustment options within the app. Currently, users can adjust basic aspects like brightness, contrast, and saturation. However, adding features like curves adjustments or selective color editing would allow for more fine-tuned control over image enhancements.

Additionally, incorporating more creative filters and effects would be a welcome addition. This would give users the ability to easily add artistic touches to their photos without having to rely on third-party apps.

Another enhancement that could greatly improve the photo editing experience is the inclusion of advanced retouching tools. Features such as spot healing or clone stamping would enable users to easily remove unwanted objects or blemishes from their images directly within the Photos app.

An improved cropping and straightening tool should also be on our wish list for iOS 18. This would allow users to easily crop and align their photos with precision while maintaining aspect ratios or employing grid overlays for better composition.

Enhancing the editing capabilities in Photos would empower iPhone users with even greater control over their captured moments – ensuring they look their best before being shared with friends and family. With these improvements implemented in iOS 18, we can expect an even more polished photography experience on our iPhones!

Customizable lock screen shortcuts

Customizable lock screen shortcuts are a feature that many iPhone users have been requesting for years. The ability to quickly access our favorite apps or perform specific actions right from the lock screen would greatly enhance the user experience.

Imagine being able to customize your lock screen with shortcuts to your most frequently used apps, such as Messages, Camera, or Music. With just a simple swipe or tap, you could jump straight into these apps without having to unlock your phone and navigate through multiple screens.

Not only would customizable lock screen shortcuts save time and make navigation more efficient, but they would also add a personal touch to our iPhones. We could set up shortcuts based on our individual needs and preferences, making our devices truly unique.

Additionally, having the option to customize lock screen shortcuts could provide added convenience for tasks like checking notifications or adjusting settings. For example, we could create a shortcut that takes us directly to the Wi-Fi settings menu or one that opens up the Notification Center.

Customizable lock screen shortcuts would be a valuable addition to iOS 18. They would streamline our interactions with the iPhone and bring greater personalization to our devices.

Camera settings in the Camera app

Camera settings in the Camera app
One area where iOS could use some improvement is in the camera settings within the native Camera app. While Apple has made great strides in improving the quality of its iPhone cameras over the years, there are still some limitations when it comes to customizing certain aspects of the camera experience.

For instance, many users would love to have more control over settings such as shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. These options are currently buried deep within menus or limited to third-party apps. It would be great if Apple could bring these settings front and center within the Camera app itself, allowing users to easily make adjustments on-the-fly without needing a separate app.

In addition to manual controls, it would also be helpful if Apple added more shooting modes or filters directly within the Camera app. This would give users even more creative options without having to rely on third-party apps or post-processing software.

Furthermore, improved focus and exposure controls would greatly enhance photography capabilities on iPhones. Being able to manually select a specific area of focus or adjust exposure levels with precision can make a significant difference in capturing stunning images.

By incorporating these enhancements into its Camera app for iOS 18, Apple can empower iPhone users with greater flexibility and creativity when it comes to capturing their favorite moments.

Better notifications

One area where iOS could use some improvement is in its notification system. While it has come a long way over the years, there are still some aspects that could be enhanced to provide users with a better experience.

Customization options for notifications would be greatly appreciated. Currently, users can only choose between allowing or disallowing notifications from an app. It would be helpful if we had more control over what type of information appears in our notifications and how they are displayed.

Additionally, managing multiple notifications can sometimes become overwhelming. It would be great if iOS introduced a feature that allows us to group similar notifications together so that our lock screen doesn’t become cluttered with countless individual alerts.

Furthermore, having the ability to snooze or schedule notifications would also be highly beneficial. For instance, being able to temporarily disable non-essential alerts during specific hours (such as during meetings or when sleeping) would help reduce distractions and improve productivity.

Incorporating smart suggestions into the notification system could save users time and effort. Imagine receiving a notification about an upcoming meeting and being presented with options like “Reply Yes,” “Reschedule,” or “Send Location.” This kind of integration between apps and the notification system would streamline our interactions and make them more efficient.

In conclusion,

iOS 18 may indeed bring significant improvements to our iPhones. With RCS in iMessage, Siri’s increased intelligence, expanded editing capabilities in Photos, customizable lock screen shortcuts, camera settings within the Camera app itself, and better overall notification management – Apple has an opportunity to deliver a giant iPhone update that addresses many user desires.

As we eagerly anticipate future iterations of iOS updates on our devices – let’s hope Apple takes these suggestions into consideration while continuing their commitment to innovation and user satisfaction!

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