9 Smokin’ Hot Reasons to Get a Vertical Gas Smoker

9 Smokin' Hot Reasons to Get a Vertical Gas Smoker

Some things you just shouldn’t live without.

It’s not that you can’t live without the benefits of a vertical gas smoker – you’ve obviously made it this far – but let’s face it – Turkey Tettrazini or leftover casserole just doesn’t sound appealing 7 nights a week.

We all get into the grind of the same ole’ recipes and menus for dinner or get- togethers – even really good cooks or weekend Grill Sergeants. What’s the antidote to more boring food? Get a vertical smoker!

Here are 9 great reasons to get a vertical gas smoker today:

Change is good Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

It’s nice to cook the roast or salmon a different way. New flavors can be infused into meats, fish, poultry, and wild game simply by using different kinds of wood chips such as hickory, applewood, mesquite and many other options.

It’s Easy Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

A vertical gas smoker is so simple to use, anyone can do it. Water or no water, put the food in, start it up with the integrated ignition, and off you go. No complicated methods or confusing directions.

Versatility Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

The Brinkmann vertical gas smoker converts to a grill about waist high, so you can use it to cook hamburgers or grill pizza or corn on the cob when you’re not smoking your latest catch

Mouthwatering flavor.

There’s something about smoked meat or fish or chicken that just enhances that tangy BBQ sauce, or rub that you put on. I personally love the saltiness of smoked fish, the smokiness mixed with sweet and sour BBQ sauce, or homemade beef or venison jerky.

Save Money Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

Smoked salmon is expensive – and you really can’t find smoked venison. So a vertical gas smoker is going to save you money by smoking your own catch or your own elk/deer, etc. Items that are smoked at the store are going to cost more than items that have not been prepared, so you will always save money by smoking your own food.


A man that can cook is always appreciated, but a woman that knows how to use a smoker is amazing! Whether you want to impress your spouse, your date, your friends, or your boss, use a vertical smoker to create a meal for them. You can offer smoked salmon, trout or jerky as a gift that any lucky recipient will really appreciate.

Durability Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

Heavy gauge steel, chrome-plated grates, porcelain-coated steel water pan ensure many years of service without problems.

Great Features.

Convenient, dual insulated doors make the Brinkmann vertical gas smoker very convenient; it very easy to access food or water pans. Adjustable vents. Easy integrated ignition. This smoker also comes with a powerful 12000 BTU Stainless Steel burner. It has 400 inches of cooking space, and can smoke up to 50 pounds of meat at a time – enough for any crowd. Add the fact that it takes up very little space thanks to it’s vertical design, and you have a no-brainer choice.

Super Deal Get a Vertical Gas Smoker.

$149 for a well crafted smoker, that can be used as a grill, will last for years, make great food, and take up little room, what’s not to like? You could spend hundreds more – but why?


It’s great fun to make smoked fish yourself, or homemade jerky. Since cooking is so much a part of life, and it’s great to be outdoors to do it, smoking food is a great way to kick back and relax on the deck with libation in hand to enjoy in any season while the smells build anticipation of your next fabulous meal!

There are many manufacturers of vertical gas smokers, but Brinkmann makes one that balances good quality with easy-on-your-pocketbook pricing. Some others are much poorer quality, or far more expensive.

What are you waiting for? Get your smoke on!

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