6 Ways to Use the Web to Find People

6 Ways to Use the Web to Find People Finding an old friend or work colleague you lost contact with may seem like a difficult process. But, there are many different useful tools and resources online that can give reliable results to reconnect. However, the ability to find someone is certain to be influenc by how active they are online. If they haven’t publish much online or completely inactive on the social media platforms, the steps to find someone can be more complex and time-consuming web. Let’s take a look at a few of the options to use the web to find someone:

Use search engines

One of the most basic steps is simply to perform a search using your preferred search engine. In addition to using a variety of keyword combinations to find someone, you can also use other search methods, such as images, news, location, and phone numbers.

Family Tree

Sign up to one of the websites that give access to family trees. There are plenty of free sites that offer a surprising amount of information that can include phone numbers, birth dates and census records. This can be quite useful to increase the chance of finding someone.

People search engine

A further free option to locate a lost friend is the dedicated people search engines. They can give a wide range of information which is sourced from what is publicly available online. This is a very convenient option to quickly see what is already available in the public domain. Also, the people search engines can gather other useful information such as census data, obituary notice and business phone numbers.

Social media

Similar to using the standard search engine, the social media platforms like Facebook will be one of the first places to start the search. They can make a very effective option to easily locate information about a person you have lost contact with web.

Public Records

Searching the public records online can give a perfect opportunity to find vital genealogical and historical information about a person. If it isn’t possible to gather information online, there is usually enough there to put you in a good position to start a search at the local records office in person.

Obituaries and Death Notices

A further option is to search through the obituaries and death notices. However, obituaries aren’t the easiest to locate online because they are often publish in state, city or local newspapers. This type of information is rarely kept up to date on a newspaper website, so it will be necessary to conduct a variety of searches online using different search queries and resources.

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