5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an iPhone

Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has found many aficionados; many of whom were already avid users of Apple products. However, throughout the years, it has been almost impossible to disassociate the iPhone from the concept of smart phone and this now iconic device keeps attracting new users who are either disenchanted with other types of mobile phones or for whom it is the first smart phone.

What makes the iPhone so special? Why should you choose it over any other device such as Android powered smart phones?

Only one iOS

Though this might sound very obvious, the iPhone is only made by Apple. Unlike many other mobile operating systems such as Android which is used by a plethora of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and Sony-Ericson, iOS is solely used on the iPhone.

This means there is no need for new users to compare handsets and aficionados will keep buying the phone because its functionalities will remain similar from one model to the next.

What’s more the latest software updates are compatible with all Apple products iOS.

A secure operating system

As a rule, Apple devices have a much more locked down environment. This means that developers are more limited as to what the app can do and users have to use the phone in a certain way; therefore keeping the iPhone clear of most software viruses.

A huge amount of Apps

It is not uncommon for app developers to release a new product on iOS prior to launching it on Android and Windows phone device which means there are far more apps available on the iPhone than on any other type of smartphone. However, the users are not really attracted to the Apple App Store for the quantity of applications available but for the high quality content available.

The Apple Work Environment

One of the main reasons to get an iPhone would be if you already owned Apple products. The iMac, Apple TV and the iPad tend to work very well together which means it is possible to effortlessly synchronise data on all the Apple devices you own. The fact all your devices can communicate with one another will therefore make it very easy to send a song, a video or a picture from an iPad to an iPhone and vice-versa.

The Support Network

In every big city throughout the world, you will be able to find a shop which will be able to repair your iPhone or help you get the best out of it.

All you need to do is make an appointment or pop into the shop in order to receive the help you need. There are not many other mobile phone manufacturers which are able to offer such a service and this is just one of the features which put Apple a cut above the rest.

iPhones are the ideal device for people who are looking for a reliable smartphone but that do not want to spend too long customising the device. It’s virtually impossible to make the iPhone do anything Apple doesn’t approve without having to be an experienced hardware specialist. In short the iPhone is a great device and it choosing it should be an easy decision, it is stable, there is no need to compare a multitude of handsets and there are loads of apps which run on it.

Eamon Brown is a technology specialist who is passionate about Apple Products and currently writes for iCorrect, the iPhone repairs specialist.