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We can’t possibly celebrate important dates without cakes. No matter where we are, cake cutting is. Like a joyous ritual. Buying cakes from trusted bakeries from a day before the scheduled party has been the standard practice for innumerable year’s but gradually people are sliding their feet towards online cake ordering. There’s nothing wrong in trying out new places and experimenting with flavors but often doubts tend to cloud judgment about ordering from an unknown, unseen bakery listed on the web. Here are 5 reasons for those who are having cold feet about online ordering of cakes and pastries.

Discounts and offers

One of the perks of online shopping is you are never too late to avail offers. Multiple offers and lucrative discounts especially around festivals are common in online shopping. These offers work as customer magnets and help in brand promotion. Think about choosing any random online cake shop and getting 20% cashback on the first order. Any customer will be elated with such buying experience and choose to become a loyal buyer if such offers continue to lure now and then. Discounts help save money. Many people choose to spend within the estimated budget. Sticking to budget through the month but falling into the clench of financial constraints for party cakes is quite disheartening. Instead carefully choosing Web stores to buy cakes can help you hit 2 birds with one stone namely – devouring extraordinary cake and saving money.

Numerous reviews

Checking credibility before buying is made easy with online reviews and rating systems. Satisfied customers take time to praise the quality while dissatisfied ones leave no stones unturned to criticize. When hundreds of buyers and their reviews are visible on the screen, deciding where to shop from is not a Herculean task. Many online shops promote clients to write a review to increase their business credibility. So we can agree with the popular saying ‘Words can make or break’. Online shoppers tend to rely on reviews before trusting any online store with their money and when the taste buds are at stake reading hundreds of reviews will be seen as the first and foremost duty of responsible buyers.

Surplus Varieties

Online bakeries have many options for their buyers making them superior to traditional roadside bakeries. Online stores often act as an umbrella platform tying chains of shops together, providing them with an online window to advance sales and gather profits. When such is the scenario than finding countless cakes, each different from the other is easy enough. Catering to different generations at different events online stores never run out of unique cakes to woo customers.

Easy home deliveries

One of the prominent reasons for rapid digitalization is easy supplies of commodities on the doorstep. Why waste time and energy from costing one shop after the other when everything you want is under one digital roof. Online cake delivery anywhere and anytime makes us crave technology even more. Just swipe through the options, tap to pay and just like that you can now have the perfect cake delivered to your doorstep in no time. Online delivery also makes sure to send the cake to any desired location even if it is not your residence. Strengthening bonds is now a piece of cake with an ‘anywhere’ delivery system available round the clock.

Surprise element

Imagine the clock is about to strike twelve and suddenly the doorbell rings and a generous delivery man hands over a decorated box with scrumptious cake inside. The whole thing is so simple yet magical. Bringing a cake home before the exact day of the event can spoil surprises. Hiding the big box is quite tough as the sword of size hangs above the head. So how to preserve the surprise element till D-day? Scheduling deliveries is the answer to all the questions.

These perks of ordering cake online and can easily mold popular opinion against e-bakeries and transform regular mass into devoted customers.

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