5 Essential Tips for Choosing Smartphones

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Smartphones

Smartphones can seem a little daunting if you are a new consumer just getting into market. There are seemingly new smartphones released on a daily basis and it can be tough to choose which phone may be right for you. Here are a few tips that can help when choosing which smartphone is suitable for your specific needs. If you use these tips, there should be no issue finding the perfect new smartphone to bring you into the 21st century.

Choosing the best network Choosing Smartphones

Can vary on the spectrum between extremely simple and difficult, depending on your attachment to your current network. If you already have a cellular provider and are pleased with the service currently provided then it is probably wise to take a look into what smartphones they offer and utilize the rest of these tips to choose a phone in their line. For people who are looking at all cell network providers, it will take slightly more research to come to a conclusion. One of the main points to consider is the data rate and network availability. Many companies offer a tiered range of prices for data usage on their networks, so try to estimate your needs, or call and ask the company what they consider a good entry level data plan. Also, depending on the city in which you reside, you may want to look at the coverage map of 4G and 3G to make sure the network you desire is available in your area.

Choosing a mobile operating system Choosing Smartphones

Can sound complicated, but is very simple once you get a phone in your hand for testing. Android by Google is the most popular operating system and is very accessible for people who are new to the smartphone market. Android can be customizable and can be tailored more for each individual, depending on their preferences. IOS by Apple is less customizable than Android but is extremely user friendly. IOS comes on the iPhone and can be a very good entry point for new smartphone users because of the simple nature of the user interface. Most stores will have multiple Android phones and iPhones to test and get an idea of which operating system is best for you.

Smartphone features and functionality

Are another very important step in the process to choosing a new phone. There are a wide range of features that differentiate between the abundance of phones on the market. One of main features to consider is full QWERTY keyboards versus touchscreen-only phones. Some people, especially new smartphone users, can find it difficult to make the transition to a phone that only utilizes a touchscreen. There are a decent amount of phones on the market that have a full keyboard for the users that are not comfortable making the switch to touchscreen only. If having a keyboard is not an issue, then there are an even broader range of phones available for you.

Screen size and resolution Choosing Smartphones

Is an important part of the smartphone decision process. Some people like to have an extremely large screen for watching videos and browsing the web. Larger screens also mean larger phones, so keep in mind how sizeable of a phone you want to be carrying in your pocket. Large screens can also utilize more battery power, so keeping in mind how often you will be charging,

Batterylife can be argued as being the most important element of the smartphone buying process. The biggest complaint of any smartphone user is usually the battery life on the phone. Some points to keep in mind are how often you think charging your phone will be possible, how much you will be utilizing the phone, and how long you would like the battery to last. There are a plethora of resources on the internet to find out about battery life for specific phones and doing a little research on each phone can lead to a much more fruitful smartphone relationship.

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