4 Things to Do Before Switching Internet Providers

4 Things to Do Before Switching Internet Providers

Internet is a tricky business. Most people get lured in by countless broadband plans shiny enough that it blinds them to the fact that the advertised speed is actually the max speed and they rarely get 100% of that. Whether you’re unhappy with your current ISP or if you’re moving somewhere that have no choice but to switch, there are a few things that you need to do.

Price Comparison

It is easy to find different quotes for various broadband plans online. There are certain websites that allow you to compare different ISPs side by side. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a good deal, ask the different providers about any price plans they have not listed online.

Update on Price Plans 4 Things to Do Before Switching

Before telling your ISP you’re ditching them, poke around their price list to see if anything changed. Sometimes they’re running certain specials that you can take advantage of. Perhaps they changed their entire menu altogether, and you can take a faster internet connection for a minimal addition to your bill. Who knows? Maybe you can upgrade your broadband speed without even paying extra.

Contract Review 4 Things to Do Before Switching

Whether you were not informed or if you just weren’t listening when you were, it is best to see if you’re still under contract with your current ISP. Most signups automatically come with a minimum of one year contracts and mostly two. Some ISPs may forget to mention that you are in still in contract, and their system will automatically charge you an early termination fee should you decide to disconnect. To avoid any unwanted charges, determine if you’re still under contract.

Ask to Leave 4 Things to Do Before Switching

This should be automatic if you’re calling your provider for a disconnection anyway. Most times, you’ll be transferred to another department, who can give you sweet deals that normal salespeople are unauthorized to offer. If you were not that disappointed with their service, you can take them on their offer. Be warned that this usually means you’ll be signing a fresh contract.

While there are a lot of things you need to do before switching providers, notice that there’s one common thing on them all: call your broadband provider. Everything you need to know about connections and disconnections is easily provided by your ISP. While they often forget to mention key information, all you need to do is ask. This is key if you want your switch to be as smooth as possible.

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