4 Beautiful Ways to Display Your Diploma


Have you just finished college? Congratulations! It’s finally done. You’ve made it to the other side of your degree, and no matter what your major may have been, you’re more prepared for your new future than ever.

But now that you’ve made it to the end and worked so hard for your diploma, now comes the fun part! How to neatly display your hard work!

Your diploma is something you earned, and there is something special about being able to tell and show your family and friends your success. We have some big display ideas for your diploma so let’s dive in.

1. Showcase Your Achievement With a DIY Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are excellent for showcasing special items like diplomas, certificates, and awards. The frame should be sturdy and deep enough to accommodate the items.

3D objects like trophies and medals can be placed at the bottom of the shadowbox. Add a thin foam or felt to the bottom before adding these items in order to protect them. You can also put photos or memorabilia surrounding the diploma in your home office to show off a collage of your achievements.

2. An Elegant Touch: Framing Your Diploma With Silver and Glass

Silver, an alluring material, creates an aura of refinement while it allows light to refract and reflect off of it. Glass, as a material, is symbolic of clarity, allowing natural light to bring out the colors of your diploma.

For added luxury, select a customized frame with embossed detailing or intricate molding to create an even more inspiring and unforgettable design. Alongside the other home decor, textured glass, the silver framing will display the colors of your diploma with an exquisite, modern appeal.

3. Non-Traditional Methods of Preserving Your Diploma With Artwork

Non-traditional display ideas of preserving your diploma with artwork allow you to honor your accomplishment with creativity, style, and custom touches. Paint your diploma in metallic colors, layer it onto a beautiful canvas, or stitch it onto a quilt are all ways to use your diploma as art.

One idea is to buy replacement bachelors degree diploma and cut multiple layers of it, and arrange them in a shadow box to add a 3-dimensional aspect to it. Hand-paint the glass surface with words to reflect the significance of the accomplishment. Or even start a diploma collection by framing the diplomas of your friends and family around yours for a statement wall.

4. Unique Frame Choices That Emanate Academic Achievement

Unique framing ideas can help accentuate the significance of your hard work. For a contemporary look, choose a metal or wood frame in a simple design and classic typeface.

For a more traditional touch, opt for a deep wood frame with gold edges and a raised border. Material choices, like bold colors, stencil detailing, and glass covers, can also emphasize the classic look of your diploma.

Display Ideas for Your Hard-Earned Diploma

An artfully displayed diploma demonstrates not only your hard-earned accomplishments but also adds an attractive accent to any room. Tap into your creative side and hang your diploma with pride.

Whether your style is rustic, modern, or traditional, there are display ideas for your diploma that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Show off your success!

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