3 top stock trading platforms for beginners

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Invest in stocks and wait to become a billionaire. People have been investing in stocks, but they early made investments privately. It was a safe investment option but commission fees were high. Now, online trading platforms offer efficient and affordable options. In this blog, top stock trading platforms are explained briefly. Using online brokers allows you to keep an eye on your portfolio and only in a few seconds, you trigger orders.


An American Stockbroker – eOption is active since 2017. You won’t have to pay high commission fees and can execute orders in the blink of an eye. There is a vast variety of analytical tools to help you invest in the right stock at the right time.

Interactive Brokers

The company has been operational since 1977 and is labelled as America’s best Broker. You may trade multiple currency pairs, as well as other options like stock, ETF, CFD, etc. It is a certified broker under regulation by multiple security organizations. The top investors are from countries like HK, Canada, Singapore and Ireland.


It is an American firm operational since 1946. The platform offers trading options in commodities and allows you to deposit in mutual funds, create portfolios for different instruments like bonds etc.

How can you buy stocks digitally?

After you have learnt about the best platforms, now you may be eager to learn more. Given below are the steps on how to invest in stocks.

1.  Budget-oriented start

Before registering on any platform, first decide your budget. Different platforms have different deposit requirements. Some offer as low as five dollars while some may offer 100$+ as an initial deposit. If you invest more, profits are high, but similarly, it adds to the risks as well. Invest the amount you are comfortable with. Don’t invest your money from daily life expenditures. Also, it may take longer to make sufficient profits to withdraw. Your profits might appear low in the portfolio if you made a low investment.

2.  Choosing the best Broker.

After the budget is decided, choose the best online broker. Decide on the broker that is matching your preferences. The first thing to ensure at this stage is the minimum deposit limit. You may notice that some brokers claim they have no minimum deposits while they do have when you try different deposit methods.

3.  Make market research to choose the profitable safe stocks.

When you are done with account registration, now look for stocks to buy. Explore all the available stocks and investigate the trending list. It may appear helpful to invest in the best stock. You can also browse news feeds to get insights into the stock market.

4.  Crediting Funds

Browse the list of available deposit methods and credit the account. Choose the compatible method that you can easily use to transfer funds.

5.  Buy the stocks.

Use the credited amount and purchase the shares. Keep an eye on the price chart and sell it when the market is bearish.

Take Away!

You register on a digital platform and then browse the available stock pairs. You may buy new stocks or sell old stocks available. The brokers mentioned in the article have high rankings and are trusted worldwide.

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