10 Things Consumers Need to Know About Fintech


The loan industry has faced a lot of transformations since finance and technology were integrated. When finance and technology came together, fintech organizations were formed. Fintech organizations are digital platforms that offer digital instant loans. In comparison to a traditional bank, fintech organizations have come forward to make borrowing smooth digital, and hassle-free. It is important to understand that compared to traditional old banks, fintech organizations offer an improved and enhanced borrowing experience with instant and online loans. However, very little is heard about the fintech organizations because consumers are not very aware of this concept till now. Before you take the services from a fintech organization it is very essential to know every aspect of how a fintech organization works and the features and benefits of taking personal loans from a fintech organization. Fintech organizations are non-banking financial institutions that are registered under RBI and have the certified eligibility to offer different kinds of loans to borrowers. Therefore, it is essential for the borrowers to know much more about fintech organizations and then decide whether to choose borrowing from a fintech or going back to a traditional old bank. There are a few important things that consumers need to know. Let us take a look at all the 10 important things that are very essential for you to know before you rely on a fintech organization for availing instant personal loan online or for any other financial activities.

  1. The combination of finance and technology is nothing new. Financial institutions have a long history of adopting new technologies, ATMs, credit cards, and chip and pin were once the new elements. The fintech organization has incorporated finance and technology in such a manner that consumers can explore the entire financial activities of their life in a better, smooth manner.
  2. A fintech organization is registered under RBI which makes it a legal body and an authentic platform to conduct financial activities. However, there are various emerging fintech organizations that the customer should be aware of. Every innovation has two sides, positive and negative. Therefore there are various online scams along with authentic digital borrowing platforms. Borrowers need to make sure that the fintech organization they are borrowing from is completely registered under RBI.
  3. The authentic organization operates completely through a digital platform offering online operations in financial activities. From opening accounts, credit accounts, and loans the entire process is done through an online medium. Customers don’t need to physically visit any branch for borrowing or conducting any financial activities. It is done completely in a digital manner.
  4. Fintech organizations are much more affordable than traditional bold banks. It is very essential to understand that when you borrow from a fintech organization, you can get affordable loans and a good credit account with affordability. In comparison to banks, there’s a lot of competition going on between the fintech organization which offers the customers the best personal loan interest rate and other charges.
  5. If you take a loan from a fintech organization, it becomes an easy journey of borrowing or opening a credit account. Since the entire fintech organization is digitally enabled, operations take place in a very short period. Therefore, the waiting time is very low.
  6. With a fintech organization, consumers can explore a wide array of financial products and credit accounts. Therefore it becomes very easy for a consumer to get the right line of credit at the time of need or emergency.
  7. Since the fintech organizations operate completely in a digital manner, they offer 24* 7 services to customers to maintain and manage their finances in a better way. In comparison to banks, fintech digital organizations serve the customers in a better manner.
  8. Fintech organizations make digital transfers very quick and smooth. With the presence of digital wallets and digital transfer facilities, consumers can now smoothly transfer funds from one account to another account within seconds.
  9. Due to the digital borrowing platforms and online banking services, traditional old banks may not exist after some years. If you are completely relying on a bank, you also need to understand the fact that a bank may stop its operation since people will prefer online services other than traveling and visiting the branch for every small activity. Therefore, traditional old banks are on the verge of extinction because various online service providers are offering better and innovative banking services.
  10. Fintech organizations are available throughout the day and the week without any holidays, unlike bank organizations. Banks take off on alternative Saturdays and various holidays public and national. On the other hand, if you compare a fintech organization it is available throughout the week without any day off and customers can get the service anytime they want.

Wrapping up

To get an enhanced instant personal loan online experience, fintech organizations are the best ways. The personal loans are affordable and easily available that can help you to meet every kind of need without any end usage restriction. A leading fintech organization will offer you a low personal loan interest rate.

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